Enlightening Facts About Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Some people love their freckles, and some who don’t have freckles even go to salons to get semi-permanent freck tattoos. And there are people on the opposite end who want nothing more than to be rid of sunspots, freckles, melasma, and all kinds of hyperpigmentation.   What is hyperpigmentation?   Hyperpigmentation emerges from an overproduction […]

Achievable Skin Care New Year’s Resolutions: Gorgeous Skin for Another Decade

New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s minds at the start of the year, but perhaps only half or even lesser are fulfilled by the end of the year. The secret to achieving the goals you set for yourself is to divide these goals into smaller chunks, instead of the usual gigantic, often insurmountable tasks. For […]

Lip Masks: Finally, Softer, Fuller, Well-hydrated Lips

After sheet masks and under-eye masks, it’s the lip mask’s turn to invade our social media feed and our lives. All of a sudden, celebrities, beauty bloggers, and seemingly everyone else are seen in selfies plastering something on their lips that make them look like a way overlined puckering Joker. What exactly are lip masks […]

Coffee Body Scrub 101: Everything You Need to Be a Body Scrubbing Expert

Discover how to give yourself the effects of expensive body scrub treatments, right at your own bathroom. While it may not be the same level of relaxing pampering experience, you can expect the same skin benefits at a fraction of the spa cost. An ultimate body scrub novice can have benefits but with a bit […]

Amazing Skin Benefits from Superfruit Kakadu Plum

The world of beauty and style is governed by trends. Skin care isn’t an exception. It’s no surprise then that words like charcoal, gold, snail slime and coffee find their way to become buzz words in the realm of skin rejuvenation. The newest skin care ingredient that’s been taking the spotlight recently is the Kakadu […]