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Enlightening Facts About Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation


Some people love their freckles and some who don’t have freckles even go to salons to get semi-permanent freck tattoos. And there are people on the opposite end, who want nothing more than to be rid of sun spots, freckles, melasma and all kinds of hyperpigmentation.    What is hyperpigmentation?   Hyperpigmentation emerges from an […]

PRIDE MONTH: Uphold the Rainbow with BodyBlendz and Rainbow RailRoad


Every June, people throughout the USA celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month with colorful parades and parties. As festive as it seems, Pride Month is not just about celebrating authenticity and individuality and painting rainbows on everything. It is a call for everyone to stop violence and discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity. Both sexual […]