Coffee, Cream and Me

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Coconut Coffee Cream Shimmer Scrub | 150g • Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub | 100ml • Pink Konjac Sponge • BodyBlendz Bow Headband | Pink

What’s in it? Coffee, coconut, citrus, and shimmer – all in cream form.  Coffee, Cream and Me Kit, the softest skin care for your face and body.

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Soft and Creamy Treats for Your Face and Body!

Engulf your body in the aromatic, skin-loving ingredients of coffee and coconut; enhanced further combined with the shimmery cream formulation. Coffee Coconut Shimmer Cream Scrub, will leave your skin soft and glowing. And for your face, smooth and brighten with another creamy favorite, Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub.

First, get your hair out of the way by using the Pink Bow Headband. Next, using the Pink Konjac Sponge, apply Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub to damp skin. Apply enough facial scrub evenly on your face, excluding the lip and eye area. Continue to gently massage the face with the Pink Konjac Sponge. After a minute or two, remove the product by first swiping off using the Pink Konjac Sponge and then rinse thoroughly.

With your body damp, apply Coconut Coffee Cream Shimmer Scrub directly to the skin.  Apply the cream scrub liberally and evenly. Massage using circular motions.  After you’ve buffed your entire body fully, rinse to reveal gorgeously fresh, shimmering skin!

Coffee, Cream and Me Kit Contains:

Coconut Coffee Cream Shimmer Scrub

A luxurious creamy coffee scrub that will leave you with sexy, shimmering skin. With the purest White Australian Clay and the finest Arabica Coffee to gently yet effectively polish your skin from head to toe. With light-reflecting mica crystals added to blur minor blemishes and highlight definitions.

Sweet Citrus Face Scrub

Clear, smooth skin with the specially formulated facial scrub, Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub. Zero in on skin impurities with our ‘coffee-free’ facial scrub, an effective mixture of essential oils, antioxidants and Bamboo Powder. Perfect for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.

Pink Konjac Sponge

With an infusion of natural Konjac powder and black Bamboo Charcoal, Pink Konjac Sponge will help to remove bacteria and absorb any excess oils; effectively treating problems such as blackheads, acne, clogged pores, and even dry skin.

Pink Bow Headband

This perfect pink bow headband is made with soft and thick caroset material, providing you with a comfortable feeling and better water absorption. Perfect for doing facials, washing the face, or any time you want to keep your hair off your face