Sugary, Sweet Skin

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Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub | 200g  •  Sugar CoCo Cream Shimmer Scrub | 150g  •  Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub|100ml  • Watermelon Mitt

Sugar is a potent and natural source of humectants: alpha-hydroxy and glycolic acids; which acts as anti-aging and moisture balancing for the skin.   It’s no wonder sugary skin care can make you grin like that sweet-tooth kid again!

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The Sweetness You Can Happily Indulge In.

Caramel might be bad news for your teeth and general health, but sugar crystals are definitely great for your skin! As a powerful and natural source of alpha-hydroxy and glycolic acids, sugar can supply you with natural humectants to draw moisture from the environment to the surface of your skin – keeping your skin moisturized and younger looking. Sugar is also a natural dead-skin exfoliator – you can say no synthetic micro-beads.  Sugary, Sweet Skin Kit contains all the sugar-based skin care products and sweetest skin care tools from BodyBlendz.

Sugary, Sweet Skin Kit Contains:

Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub

Get your body glowing with a blend of sugar crystals, Ground Arabica Coffee Beans, and Jojoba Oil.  Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub, a sugar-coated treatment with a boost of antioxidants and essential oils to clarify your even sensitive skin, leaving you with refreshed, revived skin and faint, lingering scent of rich caramel.

Sugar CoCo Cream Shimmer Scrub

Cream Shimmer Scrub in Sugar Coco is an all-over skin scrub that leaves you with that sizzling, dewy look. A rich formulation of White Australian Clay, Arabica Coffee, Coconut Oil and soft sugar granules in a luxurious creamy base combine to gently exfoliate, invigorate and condition your skin. With iridescent mica beads to light up your skin, making it not just healthy but truly radiant.

Sweet Citrus Face Scrub

Clear, smooth skin with the specially formulated facial scrub, Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub. Zero in on skin impurities with our ‘coffee-free’ facial scrub, an effective mixture of essential oils, antioxidants and Bamboo Powder. Perfect for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.

Watermelon Mitt

Another ‘sweetie’ to caress your skin, Watermelon Mitt. Use it for applying coffee scrubs or for washing them off. Soft and gentle, exfoliating gets a notch more fun with Watermelon Mitt.