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Coffee and Cellulite Don’t Mix

Coffee and Cellulite Don’t Mix

You may or may not be a coffee drinker, but chances are you’ve heard of all the wonderful benefits coffee has to offer for beauty. One such beauty-benefit of coffee, being spread through word of mouth, traditional and social media, is the natural and effective reduction of cellulite.

Cellulite, as you already undoubtedly know, is the orange peel-y look and feel that appears on the skin, mainly on bellies, butts and thighs. They are the visual effects of when deeper fat cells press against muscles and tissues closer to the surface of the skin, occurs. It’s like creating hills and valleys pattern by pressing clay (fatty cells) through a container with slits (tissues closer to the surface).

Let’s explore how the aromatic coffee grounds in your kitchen can not only perk up your mornings but also your skin - along with the whisper of a promise of reduced appearance of cellulite.


When the body converts food to energy, the body produces a by-product called free radicals. These free radicals seek out and scavenge healthy cells for a stable partner, resulting in a domino-effect oxidative cell stress which has been linked to over 200 diseases. Antioxidants safely stops the chain reaction and prevents more cells from being scavenged and damaged.

The caffeine in coffee, being rich in antioxidants, combats these free radicals. Antioxidants are responsible for enabling healing and repairing of damaged cells. Antioxidants also help release toxins from the skin.


Coffee, being an abundant source of antioxidant, may even assist in skin collagen supplementation. Caffeic acid, an antioxidant found in plants, including coffee, is found to aid increase collagen production. Collagen helps to maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity – creating a tighter, smoother appearance of the skin, including skin where cellulite is present.


More often than not, dull and dead skin cells like to cling around far longer than they should, resulting in tired-looking, drab skin. Applying and massaging the skin with coffee scrub will refresh the skin’s surface. Not only will the old skin cells buff off, skin, in general will appear smoother, more even-toned. Yes, the exfoliation action alone won’t get rid of cellulite completely, but it will improve the affected area’s appearance and overall skin health.


The massaging motions used when applying body coffee scrubs can help improve blood circulation and even help lymphatic drainage.

Blood is the medium of delivering nutrients to different parts of the body, including the skin. Improved blood circulation will help to deliver nutrients to where they are needed, faster.


The caffeine in coffee helps widen and dilate blood vessels, resulting in plumper skin and a diminished the look of cellulite. Coffee helps purge excess water, at the same time improves blood flow. Coffee, also helps tone down puffiness and irritation.

All of these means the skin may appear firmer and more toned, just with the effects of regularly massaging coffee grounds onto the skin.


While more scientific tests are needed and are underway, leading towards more conclusive findings; still, the effects of coffee against cellulite, are highly praised by its devout users.

Skin lovingly caressed with coffee grounds enjoy improved circulation, an abundance of antioxidants, improved collagen production, elimination of water retention, and improved skin texture with fresh, smooth skin cells.

Coffee scrubs, have amassed a great following in recent years. They are touting coffee scrubs’ multiple, awe-inspiring benefits. But none is as exciting as visible reduction of the appearance of these skin dimples. When previously, the only choice are expensive and sometimes invasive clinical treatments.

With regular use, a noticeably, smoother, tighter, firmer skin emerges from where the ever-worsening cellulite used to be. Right at the comfort of your own bathroom.

It seems that coffee and cellulite don’t mix. Where coffee is present, there seems to be a visible decrease in skin dimpling and an overall increase of skin tone and health.

Best Coffee Scrubs Tips Against Cellulite

If only sipping freshly brewed cup of coffee can magically reduce the appearance of cellulite…

Unfortunately, this is just one of those things that life doesn’t hand to us in a silver platter. Imbibing more than the FDA-recommended amount, which is only over 400g of caffeine per day, (may varies from person to person), can cause dehydration, among other things.

For cellulite, that’s the opposite effect of what is desired. Dehydrated fat cells think that they need to store more water for the evident ‘drought’. Water retention. It makes the cellulite appear even more severe by creating bulkier lumps and bumps on the skin. However, scrubbing coffee grounds is a different matter. Topically, coffee grounds together with the massaging action, allows for several skin benefits as discussed above.

Here are a few tips on making coffee scrubs work best for you:

• For your coffee scrubs, use only fresh coffee grounds. For the full benefits of caffeine, use traditional coffee grounds; not decaf. No, not the ones from your coffee machine. Those are damaged goods already.

• Ideally, apply the coffee scrubs in a tub or behind a shower curtain for easy clean-ups. Coffee scrubbing can get messy, but manageable. And allowing yourself to get messy is part of the fun!

• Apply to pre-cleaned skin. To gain the potential effects of coffee scrubs, it is best to use the grounds on skin that’s not covered in everyday dirt, dust and oil.

• Use your hands. Apply in circular motions, gently. Linger a bit longer over your problem areas. You can let the coffee grounds stay on your skin for full effects. Use soft cloth or applicator, if you don’t like coffee grounds under your fingernails.

• Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

• Follow with a quick all-over caress using your favorite body oil, while your skin is still damp. And then pat dry with a towel. This way, the body oil gets distributed evenly and penetrates the skin faster.

Choose vegan, organic coffee scrubs for best results. None of the nasties on your skin!

• Scrub 2 to 3 times, weekly.


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