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Sugar in Skin Care: The Real Scoop

Sugar in Skin Care: The Real Scoop

Sugar is sweet and gives a quick flash of energy, but beyond moderation, sugar can disturb the body’s equilibrium and wreak all kinds of havoc on your being: hormones, skin, waistline, teeth, and even mood. But did you know sugar is actually beneficial when applied to your skin? Apart from the occasional crème brulee and tiramisu, steer your focus away from all yummy things high in sugar content. Instead, channel any sugar fixation into adopting sugar as part of your skincare routine.

Find out the real scoop about sugar and why it’s good when applied to the skin, along with three delicious servings of decadent saccharine concoctions from BodyBlendz.

1. Sugar Contains Natural Glycolic Acid

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are natural or synthetic ingredients that can exfoliate the surface layer of dead, dull skin cells. Among all Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Glycolic Acid is considered the gold standard. Glycolic Acid aids the exfoliation process by encouraging cell renewal. Glycolic Acid is smaller in molecular size than other AHAs; it can easily permeate the skin and allow nourishing tonics and serums to readily penetrate the skin.

Because Glycolic Acid facilitates smooth cell turnover, it improves the luminosity and texture of the skin. Glycolic Acid is very gentle to the skin; it does not cause irritation. It is also water-soluble, which means it’s easily rinsed off with water. Sugar is a potent and natural source of Glycolic Acid.

2. Sugar is a Natural Humectant

Humectants are water-rich and moisture-loving ingredients, also known as hydrophilic ingredients. Hydrophilic ingredients attach to hydrogen through water molecules.

Humectants help prevents dryness by drawing moisture from the environment, directing that moisture to the skin, and keeping the moisture within the skin longer. Sugar acts as a natural humectant.

3. Sugar Exfoliates Without Damage

Sugar (brown sugar, particularly) is a much softer and gentler physical abrasive compared to other exfoliants. Any slightly rough edges a sugar granule may have are easily dissolvable. On the other hand, the ubiquitous plastic microbeads exfoliators can introduce micro-tears to the skin, leaving the skin vulnerable to infection. Moreover, plastic microbeads pose a threat to the environment by polluting drainage systems and natural bodies of water. Because sugar dissolves in water before it reaches our lakes, rivers, and oceans, it is safe for the environment. Sugar a natural exfoliator that is gentle to the skin and kind to the environment.


Sugar, it seems it is best served on your skin than on your desserts. Glycolic Acid derived from sugar exfoliates gently to refresh and brighten the skin. Humectants draw moisture from the environment to act as a natural skin hydrator, at the same time preserving that moisture so that your skin stays hydrated longer. It’s gentle to the skin and doesn’t harm mother nature.

Try one or all of our sugar-coated coffee body scrubs today and experience the amazing skin-loving benefits of sugar and coffee to bring out your natural radiance.


Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub

Golden sugar crystals and Arabica coffee grounds, combined with olive oil and jojoba oil will give you that beautiful polished and moisturized skin. Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub, a gentle exfoliator that is packed with vitamin E, antioxidants, humectants, and Glycolic Acid to clean, clear, and lightly hydrate even sensitive skin. Yes, it’s even gentle enough for everyday use. With orange essential oil and caramel natural scent to refresh not just the skin but the senses as well. BodyBlendz products are all-natural, vegan, and not tested on animals. And Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub is no exception.


Sugar Coco Cream Shimmer

All-natural and vegan, Cream Shimmer Scrub in Sugar Coco is perhaps the sweetest and creamiest treat your skin is craving. Arabica coffee grounds and fine pumice powder together with soft sugar granules make up the exfoliating team of ingredients for this body scrub. With Australian White Clay to soothe irritated and sensitive skin, it’s the ultimate ingredient to balance the skin’s moisture and firmness. Natural oils of grapeseed, jojoba, macadamia, and castor care and condition the skin. Iridescent mica micro crystals light up your skin whenever it touches, making the skin, not just soft and smooth but softly shimmering as well. Best of all, Sugar Coco Cream Shimmer Scrub is cream-based, which means easy to take along and apply – at home or while traveling.


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