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Beat Winter-Skin Dryness and Keep Glowing Through Spring

For many of us, winter isn’t the most beautiful time of year – it’s the season of chapped lips, flaky skin, and frizzy hair, to name just a few annoyances. The cold winter months can take their toll on our skin, leaving it dry and cracked. So how can you maintain your glow even as winter tries to take it away? We’ve come up with some helpful solutions for beating winter-skin dryness and keeping your skin glowing during spring.

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Dry Lips Away: Pampering for your Prettiest Pout Yet

Dry Lips Away: Pampering for your Prettiest Pout Yet

Lips are more than just a feature on your face. They're also one of the most prominent features, so you'll want to take extra care in how you treat them and what you apply to them. You don't have to sacrifice your pouty lips just because the temperatures are dropping, but you do need to take proper care of them in order to keep them prettiest, softest, and healthiest all season long. Follow these simple procedures for long-lasting lip pampering, and you'll be ready to show off your most beautiful pout ever!

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