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Amazing Skin Benefits from Superfruit Kakadu Plum

Amazing Skin Benefits from Superfruit Kakadu Plum

The world of beauty and style is governed by trends. Skin care isn’t an exception. It’s no surprise then that words like charcoal, gold, snail slime and coffee find their way to become buzz words in the realm of skin rejuvenation.

The newest skin care ingredient that’s been taking the spotlight recently is the Kakadu plum. And the Kakadu plum is not all hype. The kaka-huh? Get to know the Kakadu plum, find out why it has everyone in the health and beauty scene excited and why it’s considered the MVP in today’s skincare.

About the Kakadu plum

Terminalia ferdinandiana or the Kakadu plum is an indigenous fruit to Australia. Also known as Gubinge, Billygoat or Murunga, the Kakadu plum is about the same size as an olive and ripens to yellow-green in color.

The Aboriginals that reside in the Kakadu Park region, where Kakadu plums are found bountifully, have been pounding the seeds and the bark of the Kakadu plum for different purposes but usually to use them for antiseptic and antibacterial salves.

The unique tangy taste of the Kakadu plum also made it make its way into various sauces and jams recipes. Once considered as a ‘bush food’, the Kakadu plum is now being grown and harvested because of the burgeoning demand from the health and beauty sector worldwide.

Saying it is rich in Vitamin C is huge understatement. Containing up to 5,000mg per 100g of vitamin C, compared to the 50mg per 100g of oranges. That’s a whopping 100 times the vitamin C content than that of an orange.

Amazing Skin Benefits from Superfruit Kakadu Plum

And even more reasons to get excited about Kakadu plums

Kakadu plums are rich not only vitamin C but also a good source for phytonutrients such as tannins, ellagic and gallic acids, vitamins and minerals.

Kakadu plums also offer 10 times more potassium and 4.7 times more antioxidants than blueberries.

Kakadu plums containing both water and fat-soluble antioxidant compounds that offers protection against free-radicals. It’s like a natural force-field that protects against internal oxidative stress and external environmental damage.


Kakadu plums contain, among other phytochemicals, tannins, gallic and ellagic acids. For the skin, tannins and gallic acids help combat acne and inflammation. Ellagic acid aid in maintaining skin elasticity.

Vitamin E

A potent antioxidant that help reduce skin UV damage and fight free radicals. Helps to regenerate and heal skin cells and protect against environmental irritations.


Minerals are often neglected essentials for maintaining healthy skin. Kakadu plums contain mineral and trace elements like iron, zinc and folate.

How Kakadu plum benefits the Skin

Fights Acne

Because Kakadu plums have high vitamin C content, together with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties from containing phytochemicals tannin, gallic and ellagic acids, Kakadu plum works very well as an antibiotic to fight acne and to balance acne-prone skin. It can even help fade pimple marks.

With the help of ellagic acid found in Kakadu plums, fighting pimples does not need to be a drying ordeal for the skin. Ellagic acid present in Kakadu plums aids in restoring elasticity and suppleness to the skin.

Amazing Skin Benefits from Superfruit Kakadu Plum

Soothes Irritation

The vitamin C, gallic and ellagic acids not only fight acne but also soothes acne and other forms of skin irritation like patchiness and even psoriasis. Kakadu plum is anti-inflammatory, it helps reduce redness and swelling. The Kakadu plum’s inner bark has been used to help heal wounds, blisters and boils. Kakadu plum’s high antioxidant levels helps heal damage cells; it helps erase pimple marks and other forms of skin scarring.


A huge factor in collagen production is Vitamin C. Kakadu plums contain much higher levels of Vitamin C compared to other vitamin C rich sources. Kakadu plum whether ingested or applied topically can help to reduce wrinkles and lines. Vitamin C, together with ellagic acid restores skin elasticity and suppleness to a markedly improve skin tone and texture. At the very least, Kakadu plums help to keep the appearance of pre-mature wrinkles at bay.

Lightens Spots

Kakadu plums high Vitamin C content means high antioxidant properties can prevent and lighten spots causes by photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation.

Brightens and Illuminates

Kakadu plum can not only lighten hyperpigmentation, it also helps illuminate the skin for a brighter, glowing complexion. The antioxidants present in Kakadu plums even help to reverse UV damage.

Amazing Skin Benefits from Superfruit Kakadu Plum

Result: Healthy, Balanced, Luminous Skin

Truly a healthy skin MVP, the Kakadu plum is packed and bursting with nutrients for a fruit of its size. This superfruit balances skin’s oiliness, fights fungi and bacteria and soothes irritation. It also acts as an anti-aging agent by encouraging collagen production and reducing skin hyper-pigmentation and discoloration. It helps protect against environmental pollution and free-radicals. All the these and helping to maintain skin’s elasticity and suppleness. What’s more, it is great for those with sensitive skin.

Kakadu Plum + Bodyblendz = Happy Skin

Kakadu plum is present and is synergistically blended with other natural super-ingredients to deliver naturally healthy skin in the Bodyblendz products listed below.



Coffee Shimmer Scrub

A refreshingly detoxifying experience with Kakadu plum, Arabica coffee grounds, fine activated charcoal and tiny mica particles. Bodyblendz Shimmer Scrub will purify, uncover fresh skin and goes one step more to beautiful skin – create a dewy, soft shimmery skin. Try Bodyblendz Shimmer Scrub, indulge and experience the potent, natural, shimmering formulation.

Face and Chest Pink Clay Mask

Kakadu Plum, Australian Clay, and Bentonite Clay combine to give you a detoxifying and conditioning mask for your face and neck. Apply the pink mask that looks pretty but mean business, Bodyblendz Face and Chest Pink Clay Mask - a skin firming, pigmentation lightening, irritation soother mask for your face and décolletage.


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