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Coffee Body Scrub 101: Everything You Need to Be a Body Scrubbing Expert

Coffee Body Scrub 101: Everything You Need to Be a Body Scrubbing Expert

Discover how to give yourself the effects of expensive body scrub treatments, right at your own bathroom. While it may not be the same level of relaxing pampering experience, you can expect the same skin benefits at a fraction of the spa cost.

An ultimate body scrub novice can have benefits but with a bit of body scrubbing know-how, you can gain a higher degree of efficacy and convenience. Let’s delve in the world of coffee body scrubs and make you a body scrub expert in no time. You’ll be buffing and polish your skin to a fresh, renewed and beautifully glowing perfection.

The Prep

Starting with the hair, it’s best to keep your hair pulled up or covered under a shower cap while you’re doing a body scrub. Coffee, salt and sugar scrubs like to find their way to your hair.

Soak the skin to be scrub in warm water. Feel free to add your favorite relaxing or energizing essential oil in your warm tub. Soak for at least 10 minutes.

No time for a bath? A warm shower will suffice. Skin that is wet and prepped with warm water will have best results and avoid damage. Careful not to use very hot water, as this can make your skin dry and sensitive to any kind of treatment.

Rinse thoroughly from any soap and oils. Pat dry, but leave the skin moist so that the coffee scrub can adhere better.

Place a folder tower at the edge of the tub to sit on. Or use a waterproof stool to sit on. You might get tired standing while applying the body scrub and even more so later on when you are giving the coffee scrub it’s working time. It’s not an absolutely must but when you’re sitting and relaxed while applying coffee scrub, it helps to give you a spa-ish experience.

The Scrub

Don't give yourself a body scrub while the shower is running. The scrub will just wash away.

Scoop a handful of coffee scrub and apply the coffee scrub with hands. Alternatively, some people prefer to use mitts for application and scrubbing. Massage the coffee body scrub into your skin in gentle circular motions. Avoid over-scouring your skin but do massage the skin. Coffee scrub should leave your skin feeling invigorated, not raw.

About 2 to 5 minutes for whole body scrub application, depending on how fast you scrub. Leisurely scrubbing should not go more than 10 minutes. Then let the coffee sit on your skin and do its job. That time can fly by fast when you’re entertaining yourself with interesting content. Maybe 5 to 10 minutes of Instagram or a book you’ve been meaning to finish?

Yes, you can absolutely do a quick 5-minute body scrub from start to finish. You’ll just get better and faster results when you actually let the product stay on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Ideally, start scrubbing from top down. This way any excess product falls to the rest of your body and can be used when you get to those lower parts. Spend a little more time on the knees and the elbows.

Coffee Body Scrub 101: Everything You Need to Be a Body Scrubbing Expert

To reach the back or in between the shoulder blades without human help, use the long-handled body brush or a long back loofah.

Remember to scrub your hands and feet as well. For tougher skin on the heels, buff first with pedicure block and then follow with coffee scrub.

The End

Every good thing comes to an end. Rejuvenating coffee body scrubs aren’t exempted. Rinse up. Especially anywhere where there’s hair. Body scrub granules love to hide in them. Run your showerhead through all your crevices, including your bellybutton.

Don’t forget to aim your shower head across your bathroom walls and shower curtains to quickly clean stray coffee grounds.

While the skin is still damp, apply your favorite body oil. It’s easier to evenly apply body oil on moist skin. And your skin is still receptive to body oil when it just finished a warm shower. Products that you apply to your skin after a body scrub and a warm rinse can be absorbed quickly and work more effectively.

The Result

Soft and smooth to the touch and visibly gorgeous healthy skin!

Exfoliating is one of the key factors in having soft and smooth healthy skin. From time to time, the top layer of the skin may need help exfoliating. Healthy, fresher skin may well be trapped under clingy, dead skin cells. Here are some the things to expect when exfoliating is done regularly:

• Smoothens and polishes skin

• Deep cleans and unclogs pores

• Enables serums and moisturizers to work better

• Reduce the appearance of large pores

• Smoother, lightened elbows and knees

• Prevent ingrown hair

• Allows for a better hair removal

• Allows for an even looking tan

• Removes patchy dry areas of the skin

• Helps reduce pigmentation and skin discoloration

• Reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks

More Pro Scrubbing Tips

If you’re scrubbing your face, grab a mirror. Easily work on your face without getting any of the face scrub on your eyes and lips.

Especially when you are using a coffee scrub, try to limit your treatment area to one place. Avoid walking around and spreading coffee grounds all over your bathroom. Saves time not having to clean up all your bathroom walls and floors.

White towels and clothing won’t be happy with coffee of any kind, including your favorite coffee body scrub. Have a dark towel ready for use on your next coffee body scrub mini-retreat.

Sensitive skin? Use a face or body scrub that is specially made to be even more gentle than regular body scrub products. Bodyblendz 2 in 1 Face Scrub+Mask is perfect for sensitive skin types. Apply and leave them on, the coffee and clay will do they work naturally and gently, without too much abrasives.

Acne-prone skin can also use Bodyblendz 2 in 1 Face Scrub + Mask. Our sheet mask is also an effective way to gentle exfoliate and nourish at the same time without aggravating or causing breakouts.

Body Scrub FAQs

What do you mean by ‘regular’ use?

Body Scrubs generally are used at most twice per week. Although, some scrubs that also acts as a mask are formulated to be less abrasive and can be used every day or every other day. As always, do a patch test on your skin before using a new product.

When should I not use a body scrub?

Body scrubs can worsen a skin condition and is best resumed only when skin is healed. After a cut or surgery, after having skin sun burnt, before or after a chemical peel or when experiencing itchy bug bites are some of the situation when not to use a body scrub.

If you have cuts and blisters, your skin will be in recovery mode and any form of exfoliation should be discontinued, until the skin is fully healed. In chemical peels, the topmost layer has been removed. Any further exfoliation will be too much for the skin. As for Bug bites, the easiest way to spread itchy venoms is by scratching. Body scrubbing simulates scratching.

Can I use leftover coffee grounds from my coffee machine as a body scrub?

Coffee grounds made for brewing coffee are not smooth. Unlike coffee scrubs made specifically for the skin, leftover coffee grounds are not the right size, shape and texture. They can cause micro-tears which may lead to breakouts and infection. As tiny tears may acquire bacteria.

Coffee grounds made for your drinking is also a big problem for your plumber. They can cause pipe clogs, that can be costly to fix.

Should I use body scrub before OR after hair removal/s have?

If you want smooth, silky, hairless skin, always exfoliate before a shave. Smooth, exfoliated skin will make your razor glide.

However, we recommend scrubbing a day before hair removal by wax. The wax strips not only your hair but some of the top layer of the skin as well. Scrubbing and waxing at the same time, can be too much especially for sensitive skin.

Use body scrubs before shaving to avoid a stinging sensation on irritated skin. As always, be sure to use a moisturizing body lotion after shaving.


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