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Wanted: Fair and Smooth Underarms

Wanted: Fair and Smooth Underarms

Having radiant skin mean soft, smooth and uniformly-toned skin, even for the often overlooked underarms. Age, hormones, genetics are the primary causes for the state of the underarm skin you are in. Heavy irritants and allergens on antiperspirants, and dull blades on razors further contribute to the realization that you can’t ever have picture-perfect underarms. The most prevalent armpit skin woes are bumps, darkening, and patchiness. Keep reading for skin care tips to achieve gorgeously smooth pits that will have you yearning for a chance to flaunt them off.

Clean and Happy

To prevent the build-up of chemical products, dirt, lint, and body oil; wash underarms twice daily. Make sure to use a gentle, non-drying cleanser so you do not further irritate or dry out your skin. Once a week, clean your underarms using the oil cleansing method to thoroughly remove residue. Oil cleansing is a simple yet effective and invaluable procedure. Using warmed natural oil of your choice (such as coconut, olive, etc.), massage for 2 to 3 minutes to dissolve build-up. Remove the oil, along with dirt and residue, with a warm, damp towel. Depending on the amount of oil, you’ve applied, you might need to repeat that last step. You can follow this with a mask or a scrub to further detoxify and condition the skin.

Tweeze, Razor, Cream or Wax?

How you remove underarm hair greatly affects the smoothness of your underarms or the lack thereof.

Tweezing or plucking is an inexpensive method of removing underarm hair but is time consuming, painful and most likely going to give you in-grown stubble and a crick in the neck.

Shaving is quick and cheap but will require you to shave every few days, which might lead to more razor bumps and other skin irritations.

Depilatory creams can be very harsh with their fragrance alcohols and hair dissolving chemicals such as potassium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide. The hair might readily fall off but at the expense of the skin’s health.

Waxing is somewhat time-consuming especially if you’re not confident to do it yourself. All that time spent from scheduling an appointment, going to the salon and enduring the procedure can put a dent in your calendar. But, waxing is said to slow down the hair regrowth which means it’s easier to remain stubble-free longer.

Whichever method you choose to remove underarm hair, either with a professional or by yourself - do it gently, ease up on the scraping and tugging.

Detox the Pits

Depending on your underarm’s skin type and condition, exfoliate twice weekly. Exfoliate with a natural, non-irritating scrub, such as any of BodyBlendz’ scrubs, to remove dead skin cells that may be causing roughness and darkening. Scrubbing will also unclog pores, melt stubborn residue, and get rid of ingrown hairs. If your skin is currently being assaulted by breakouts, go for the gentler scrub such as Sweet Citrus or opt for the 2 in 1 Face Capsules and use it as a mask, forgo scrubbing until the breakout dials down. Lightly follow with a moisturizer or oil.

Moisturizing Deos

You moisturize your face and body, why not the underarms as well? You might think that the skin around the underarms is sufficiently hydrated with natural oils and sweat, but most likely, the underarm skin is super irritated by harsh antiperspirants, strong depilatory creams and hair removal habits that the skin becomes dark or blotchy. Using a quality, zero to low-irritant deodorant that also contains moisturizing agents will protect your underarms not only from sweat and odor but also from dryness as well.

Wear Loose and Fresh

Keep underarms fresh by wearing loose clothing whenever possible. Wearing tight clothing around your armpit will cause skin darkening and rashes due to the constant friction of the fabric against your skin. Dampness and lack of oxygen will also encourage bacteria to fester, which will then lead to problematic skin.

Tops and dresses made of cotton and other natural fibres are highly recommended as the best fabric material to have contact with sensitive, skin areas. These materials are lightweight and allow your skin to breathe. Wearing loose clothing of natural fabric will also prevent those unsightly pit stains. Loose garments equal smooth and fresh armpit skin.

And lastly, let your underarms Go Commando.

Every other day, if not every day, allow your underarm skin to breathe: not moisturizer, not oil, not deodorant – just let it breathe pure O2. Preferably, at least an hour and at night when you’re ready to wind down. This is the time when you leave your pits alone and let it truly rest. If it can, it would surely sigh with relief.


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